The Interesting Story Of Katha Ankahee New Hindi Drama

Katha Ankahee New Hindi drama is starting next week. The story Katha Ankahee is very interesting. The Sony TV drama is based on the story of King who use to marry a virgin girl and kill her after in the morning. He has appointed a Wazir to find and provide virgin girls. After sometimes the Wazir was unable to find any girl.


katha ankahee drama story

The Wazir was very worried about what to do now because he knew that the king would be angry with him and punish him severel. When the minister’s daughter saw her father’s trouble, she was very sad. She said, father, marry me to the king. The minister agreed to this as he saw no other option. Thus the minister’s daughter was married to the king.

The Wazir’s daughter was very sensible, she said that I will take my younger sister with me. The king agreed to this. She used to tell her sister a story every day and she would end the story with a curious thing and tell her sister I will tell you the rest of the story tomorrow.

The king used to listen to her story every day and was curious about what would happen tomorrow. Because of this curiosity, he was not ready to kill the girl.

Now wait for the first episode of the drama and enjoy the whole story.

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